Equipment for pig farming

In today’s environment, when the industrial pig farming develops intensively, the artificial insemination became the main processing
method of pigs’ reproduction. Variant Agro Build LLC provides the individual and group pens. The insemination and trailer boars’ pens are used in the insemination center.

Individual pens for sows ensure the insemination convenience, increase the breeding effi ciency and fetus livability, as well as create the optimal conditions for attendance and control of every animal. Moreover, individual pens suppress the aggression during feeding.

Individually tailored pens in combination with the modern demand feeding will predetermine the greatest eff ectiveness of pig farming complexes. Variant Agro Build LLC is possible to provide our clients with the pens for pigs’ group housing. Such pens are convenient for cleaning and appropriate for biological needs of growing animals as well as those pigs, which are given fi nish.

The framed construction of enclosure is perfect for the visual overview because it ensures the optimal monitoring of every boar. The visual and olfactory contact between sows and boars leads to the fast and evident rut. The individual housing of boars prevents the breeding contests between males.

Depending on the construction type and used technologies, Variant Agro Build provides the pens for milking sows. Having diff erent constructions and sizes, such pens may be placed straightly
or diagonally in the box.

The type and quality of fl oor, used within the pig complexes, infl uence the veterinary status of farms, maintenance of technical requirements as to the welfare of animals of diff erent classes, as well as the economic performances of production.

The modern feeding systems are to correspond to the following principles: hygiene, feeds availability to animals, unfailing system operation and effi ciency.

The optimal climatic parameters are to be the essential condition and prerequisite for the high effi ciency of pigs housing. When choosing the ventilation type, it is necessary to take into consideration the indoor air circulation as well as the wind speed within the areas of animals housing, but not only the volume of incoming air.