Floor covering

Floor covering within the pig farming complexes

The type and quality of floor, used within the pig complexes, influence the veterinary status of farms, maintenance of technical requirements as to the welfare of animals of diff erent classes, as  well as the economic performances of production.

The modern pig farming complexes use the slatted floors. Such type of flooring expedites and facilitates the work of staff when controlling the pollution and hygiene within the complexes.

Hygienic slatted floor

Zinc plated steel cross beams are used for slatted flooring

Size of zinc plated strip steel
Span length
Farrowing sow zone, mNursery zone, m

Plastic slatted floor

The plastic floor is made up of the imported high-quality material – block copolymer propylene. Meeting the high standards of the veterinary hygiene, this type of fl ooring is resistant to ammoniac medium and possesses the great strength charact eristics. Slated floors from plastic are used for various classes of animals.

IndexBlack rack screenGreen rack screenOrange rack screen
Floor space covered with one rack screen, mm600×400600×400600×200
Width of gap/tab, mm 9/129/129/12
Workload per one rack screen, kgPână la 250Până la 300Până la 350
Full load per one rack screen, kg350500Până la 650
ApplicationFor piglets with the weight up to 35 kgFor piglets with the weight up to 35 kgFor any class of animals

Iron flooring

Usually, the iron floors are used in the farrowing sections with milking sows. Such flooring features the special bottom doors, which, being located in the rear part of the box, are meant for easy manure disposing.

The main disadvantage of iron floors is that they are cold. Moreover, the iron floors pull heat from animals. However, this peculiarity is applied when laying the floors for milking sows. It is necessary to lay this type of flooring to create more comfortable conditions because the body temperature of sow is increased during lactation.

However, the area around the iron floor (where the little piglets are staying) is to be laid with plastic panels or the iron together with plastic flooring.

Concrete flooring

Concrete floors are meant for high loads (for about 600kg per 1sq.m.), that’s why they are used within the complexes with barren sows, which are housed individually/in groups, and the fattening pigs.

Such flooring cannot be used in the bred sheds and nursery buildings because it does not meet the temperature requirements.

Slab size, mmWeight, kgSlab size, mmWeight, kg