Group pen

Pens for sows group housing

Individually tailored pens in combination with the modern demand feeding will predetermine the greatest eff ectiveness of pig farming complexes.

Variant Agro Build LLC is possible to provide our clients with the pens for pigs’ group housing.

Such pens are convenient for cleaning and appropriate for biological needs of growing animals as well as those pigs, which are given fi nish.

The group housing of pigs supposes the usage of two types of pens – celled PVC boxes (14 type) and the equipment in the form of metal boxes (15 type).

Pen of 200 type

Depending on the target application, the boxes may be of various sizes. The needed sizes are secured with PVC panels, which are mounted to the support hooks of diff erent heights. The flexible construction, built in accordance with the modular approach, ensures the easy assembling of appropriate boxes despite of the construction peculiarities and floor space.

The panels are possible to be assembled to suitable height by the pressure of hand. The rigid polyvinylchloride and clever double-wall construction ensure the optimal rigidity and extra resistance to impact. The entrance to box is provided by the double action door.

The division walls may be either solid or combined. The combined division walls involve the partial space fi lling between the support hooks (there is one less panel than in the solid division wall, as a rule). The upper part of the division wall includes the enclosure (i.e. the binding made up of the square tube) in 1-3 rows.

Pen of 250 type

These pens are designed for the group housing of boars and sows. In comparison with the individual pens, this type of pens benefi cially aff ects the boars and sows while ensuring their physical need to move.

  • Enclosure height may be diff erent – 1000mm/1100mm/1400mm/1500mm
  • Transverse pipes spacing is available in two sizes – 125mm/140mm
  • Enclosure length may be any one (in accordance with the project)