Microclimate system

Ventilation of pig farming complexes

The optimal climatic parameters are to be the essential condition and prerequisite for the high effi ciency of pigs housing.

When choosing the ventilation type, it is necessary to take into consideration the indoor air circulation as well as the wind speed within the areas of animals housing, but not only the volume of incoming air.

In 2011, Variant Agro Build LLC developed and implemented the ventilation complex, ensuring the provision and maintenance of the necessary microclimate within the pig farming complexes.

This ventilation complex was designed and put into production as a result of undertaken researches and design work. Featuring the fully automated intelligent control of microclimate, it is capable to confi gure the system in accordance with the customer requirements and control the additional processing equipment, which is responsible for air handling, watering, feeding, heating, cooling etc.

The ventilation complex, produced by Variant Agro Build LLC, ensures the performance of servicing and debugging operations via Internet without the immediate site visitation. This opportunity is off ered by the new generation of  controllers, which provide the independent Internet access though personal modem as well as the connection to the existing offi ce computer networks for the remote and supervisory control of system operation by the customer’s staff .

According to results of equipment testing and characteristic values of presently operating farming complexes, it is defined that the temperature is possible to vary up to 34°C (-14°C – outdoor temperature and +20°C – temperature within the nursery complex). At the same time, there is no need to waste the energy for air heating because the desired temperature may be maintained by the suffi cient air exchange rate.