Advantages of silos manufactured by Variant Agro Build, LLC:

  1. The wide range of storage products allows the choice of silos with a volume from 4.6 m³ to 27 008 m³ and a diameter from 1.8 m to 32.0 m for short and long term storage of different crops.
  2. All the basic elements of the equipment – panels, stiffening ribs, wall constructions, roof, roof system with beams, aeration trays are made of galvanized steel Wuppermann StahL GMBH (Austria) – S350GD (structural load-bearing steel with high degree of resistance to breaking) and Z350MA (zinc coating 350 g / m² on the one hand, depending on customer demand – 450g / m² or higher). The use of this steel increases the service life of the silo and its elements.
  3. Wave pitch of the silo wall panel – 67 mm. Such a wave geometry, in case of equality of all other characteristics of the steel, significantly increases the strength and load-bearing capacity of the silo structure.
  4. Panels with a height of 1139 mm. The lower height of the panel provides a greater number of “overlaps”, which in turn provides additional rigidity and increases the strength of the structure.
  5. The four rows of screws on the wall panel assemblies ensure a secure fixing of the panels and eliminate the possibility of “breaking” the sheets in the joints.
  6. 100% coincidence of mounting holes. The holes for the hardware are made after rolling the wall panels and forming the waves.
  7. When installing the silo, joints with quality screws from top manufacturers with a strength of 8.8 K (grade 5) are used, at the customer’s request – with a strength of 10.9 k (grade 8).
  8. Armed system of stiffening ribs. The W-shaped shape gives them greater rigidity, unlike the U-shaped edges and О, improve the strength of the silo structure, reduce wind loads. And three stiffening ribs on a single panel ensure a uniform load distribution and a perfect rigidity of the entire construction of the silo.
  9. The installation of roofing sheets provides for a 100% overlap (overlap) of the sheet on the sheet on a ridge connection with a height of at least 72 mm.
  10. The construction of the silo roof provides loads on the roof top of up to 20 tons, which allows to perform the support of the ramp (upper gallery) on the silo housing, ensuring a saving of area and additional costs for the installation of supports and foundations. The calculated loads allow the placement of the transport equipment with a capacity of up to 200 t / hour on the ramp.
  11. The production company VAB LTD is equipped with the most modern equipment for metal processing, there are two rolling lines: one allows to roll sheets up to 2 mm; the second is unique in Ukraine – laminates whole sheets with a thickness of up to 4 mm inclusive. A laser cut is installed that performs the precise cutting of the metal by “melting” the edge of the sheet. A modern drilling rig has been launched, which has no analogues in Ukraine, as well as bending machines, numerically controlled pipes.
  12. The silos are equipped with wind protection rings and, if desired, a fire extinguishing system (dry pipe). Also, the set includes the ventilation system, the cleaning screw, the thermometry system, the loading-unloading system, the chemical anchor – the secure fixing of the support elements, etc.
  13. Quality control is performed at all stages of production of elevator equipment. The specialists of the Technical Control Department check each part for compliance with the design documentation, check the correctness and bending radius, the accuracy of all holes. All products are guaranteed.
Roof ventilation system
During forced ventilation, air passes through the production and is removed by deflectors to the outside.
Cladding sheets
The cladding sheets are manufactured and fixed with screw joints to provide the cylindrical shape.
Forced fans
Forced fans are designed to ventilate the contents of silos and pump hot or cold air. This regulates the humidity of the air and increases the shelf life of the product.
Perforated channels
The perforated ducts are located on the ventilation ducts and serve for the uniform passage of the discharge air through the production.
Discharge grid
The unloading grid is intended for the qualitative unloading of silage products.
Cleaning screw
The cleaning screw is used to clean the silo and to unload the product on the unloading screw.
Silo foundation
The foundation of the silos is designed taking into account the ventilation channels and the screw-discharge channels.

Ventilated silo on coneshaped basis (SVP-type)

Ventilated silo on a conical base (SVK)

Roof ventilation system
During the force ventilation the air passes through the products and comes outside along the roof perimeter.
Wind rings
When the solo is unloaded , the pressure increases and the resistance to the wind load effect grows; in such a way the resistance looses are compensated by means of wind rings.Such method significantly increases silo durability.
Stair systems
Are located from the bootom to the silo roofs.In such a way, they enable the acces to the process hatch on the silo roof.
Sniffers plates and interloks
Are fixed on the coating plates in vertical position and add to the strenght of silo structure.The sniffers plates are interconnected with interloks in order to establish a rigid connection.
Rest platform
Is uded for a comfortable acces to the roof and next operations with the procces hatch ( control, acces inside the silo ).
Entrance process hatch
Is located on the 2nd level of covering and represents a standard structure for the whole range of models. Entrance hatches are used for a quick access and provides the silo maintenance in the future.