Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is a conveying device with continuous operation, which is intended to transfer the bulk cargo when loading and unloading the elevator. This conveyor delivers the bulk goods to the conveying place with reduced impact.

Types of belt conveyors:
  • horizontal and inclined;
  • horizontal with throw-off carriage;
  • fixed and movable.

The belt conveyors can be produced with given or changeable angle of inclination, fixed or adjustable direction, while the frequency converter regulates the movement speed. The belt conveyors (transporters) can be manufactured in open or in closed box, for convenience in operation and at customer’s request.

At that, the belt conveyors provide for the high performance by enabling and accelerating the movement of large volumes of cargo.  Depending on features of your technical process, the belt conveyors may be equipped with the belt, which working width comprises from 200 to 1,000 mm.

Uninterrupted conveying of cargos, their loading and unloading accelerate the production process by increasing its economic efficiency.