Scrap chain conveyors

Purpose and description of the working principle

КSC scraper chain conveyors are designed for horizontal, inclined and horizontal-inclined transport of cereal crops and other bulk products. Conveyors can be used outdoors in all climatic zones.

In the basic configuration, the conveyor is delivered in a version without galvanized steel lining and consists of:

  • the drive section with the unloading filler neck is equipped with the unit, which prevents the conveyor’s overload;
  • the tension section is equipped with the rotation sensor, which serves as indicator for the chain breakage;
  • 0.5 m, 1 m and 2 m  sections, which allow providing for the conveyor length from 2 m to 60 m with the 0.5 m space;
  • charging flange that is installed on the conveyor according to the process scheme;
  • plate-type chain incl. drags, which may be equipped with plastic covers. Besides, the chain is equipped with buckets to clean the
    grain leftovers in drive sections having a damper;
  • hardware for conveyor assembly.

Additional options

  • additional loading/charging flanges;
  • additional unloading units with dampers and filler neck; the dampers may be closed in transvers and longitudinal manner; the drive is manual or electrical;
  • upon the customer’s selection, the lining of sections’ bottommay be made from 3 mm metal or from 10 mm Caprolon;
  • supports and regulated supports for both inclined and horizontal-inclined conveyors;
  • sections with hoppers for dump pits

At the customer’s request, the conveyors can be made of black steel with subsequent painting. Also, the customer has the opportunity to choose variants of drive mechanisms, both internal through – elastic couplings, and imported, mounted on the drive shaft.

Technical specification:

Capacity of conveyors, t / h50 *100*180 *250 *
Conveying length, m1-75
Maximum inclination angle, degrees15
Chain rotation speed, m / s0,55 **0,5 **0,57 **0,66 **
Box width, mm200300400500
Width of chain being used, mm100125160160
Thickness of wall metal/bottom/cover, mm3.0 / 4.0 / 1.5
Zinc coating of the box g / m2Z275
Types of used lining, mmwithout lining / metal 3mm / caprolon 10mm
BearingsNSK, Japan
Drives, reducing gearMotovario, Tramec (Italy)
Drive power, kW1.1 – 15.02.2 – 30.04.0 – 37.05.5 – 45.0

* mentioned for wheat with the density of 0,78 t / m³
** can change depending on both the transported products and inclination angle