Irrigation systems accessories

Pipes, sections and console

In our irrigation machines we use pipes produced by LLC “DMZ Kominmet”, Ukraine and «Padana Tubi Profi lati», Italy. L-profi le for irrigation systems produced by LLC “DMZ Kominmet”, Ukraine and ArcelorMittal, Luxembourg. Dimensions, mm: 50х50х4; 80х80х8. All steel components are hot dip galvanized, coating thickness 120-300 microns.

For all types of our machines we use tubes:

  • Diameter 168 mm, 219 mm
  • Wall thickness 3 mm
  • Pipe length in sections 5.8 m
  • Console length up to 20 m


Current collector, control cabinet

For control cabinets and control boxes, where reliability and frequency of operation are very important, we use electrical components from Schneider Electric (France), Weidmüller (Germany), OMRON (Japan), ETI (Slovenia). Current collector, 13 rings, manufacturer Hydrus (USA).


Variant Agro Build irrigation systems can be equipped with sprinklers from Senninger Irrigation Inc., USA or Komet, Austria.

Irrigation machine evenly distributes water throughout the covered area. This means that it irrigates the area at a signifi cantly lower level of instant intensity.

The result is less soil compaction and less water runoff .



Booster pump and water cannon

  • Booster pump BP2HL-HY-50, Hydrus, USA
  • Water jet Twin 101 ULTRA, Komet Austria GmbH

Suport mobil

  • Trapezoidal shape increases the stability of mobile supports.
  • Massive bearing L-profi le bars provide increased rigidity.
  • Optimal force distribution ensures uniform loading of the structural elements and increases service life.
  • The wide wheelbase guarantees high stability even on rough terrain and at squally wind.

Control boxes

The control boxes of our irrigation machines feature original design, response accuracy, minimum stroke of limit switch and reliability within a large number of working cycles.

The base and fastening of the boxes are made of galvanized steel, the cover is made of plastic with a rubber seal for additional protection from water penetration into the box.


Gearmotors and wheels

Irrigation systems of Variant Agro Build LLC are equipped with central gearmotors and wheel gearboxes manufactured by Irrigation Components International Inc., USA.

Gear motors UMC PowerSaver 3.5

Wheel reducer UMC TNT-2-U (TNT-2-UV)

Wheel 14.9R24

Central tower

Increased strength with reliable design and wide base, special welding technology for the highest stability, optimal hydraulic properties and tightness.

  • Central tower height (m): 4.55; 4.60; 4.99 (depending on model).
  • Diameter of pipes at central pivot (mm): 168; 219.
  • Stabilizing device for movement along the furrow and along the cable.

Diesel generator unit

Irrigation machines produced by Variant Agro Build LLC can be equipped with the following diesel power units: Europower (Kubota engine), DaLgakiran (Cooper engine) and Wattstream (Perkins engine) of various models with power from 7 kW to 24 kW and fuel consumption from 2 LPH to 7 LPH.